Air Conditioner Repairs You Can Make Yourself

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3 Reasons To Take Air Conditioning Repair Seriously

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If you live in a tropical region, you likely rely heavily on your air conditioner to keep your indoor spaces comfortable. As long as your cooling unit is in top condition, you don’t have to endure high humidity or uncomfortable indoor temperatures. As such, you should take air conditioning repair seriously and contact a reliable AC technician when you notice your unit acting up. Aside from sustainable indoor comfort, timely air conditioning repair has other benefits, some of which you’ll learn in this article. Read More»

3 Ways Your Business Could Benefit From Air Conditioning Installation

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As a business owner, you have to invest in systems and equipment that make the work environment conducive for your workers and clients. Among the systems that can improve your work environment and make it more comfortable is an air conditioning system. Office spaces and warehouses can quickly become too hot during summer, especially if you don’t have an AC unit. You need an air conditioning system to cool the space and keep your employees and staff comfortable. Read More»

Get Your AC Installation Taken Care Of This Spring To Save Money And Beat The Rush

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Did your air conditioner break at the end of last summer and you didn’t replace it because cooler days were ahead? Does your AC system still work but you know it’s not as efficient or up to date as it should be and you are thinking about AC installation? While you still have some time before summer arrives and the hottest temperatures of the year return, your best bet would be to get this task taken care of sooner rather than later, ideally early this spring if you want to be able to ensure peace of mind and possibly save some money while you’re at it. Read More»

3 Repairs You'll Face With A Poorly Maintained Air Conditioner

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It’s not a secret that you should maintain your HVAC equipment, but it’s also something that many homeowners allow to fall by the wayside. Unfortunately, it’s very easy to neglect basic maintenance procedures or simply never to realize what you need to do to keep your system healthy. On the other hand, you may have purchased or inherited a home where the previous owner neglected maintenance. Whatever the case, a lack of maintenance will compound over time, leading to more failures and a shorter overall lifespan of the system. Read More»

How Does Equipment Location Affect Your Home's AC System?

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If you’re building a new home or renovating an existing one, you may have some options when it comes to the location of your HVAC equipment. Typical homes use split-system air conditioners that supply cooled air via built-in ductwork, although alternatives such as package systems and mini-split systems exist. However, standard central air conditioning systems will require both an outdoor and indoor component. Where you choose to place your condenser and evaporator units will impact their longevity, performance, and ease of access for future maintenance. Read More»