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3 Factors To Consider Before Boiler Installation

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When considering hot water and heating needs for a new home, boiler installation should be the first thing to cross your mind. Boilers ensure a consistent supply of hot water and heat, making it easier to run activities such as cooking and cleaning and saving energy bills. However, you must choose the right type of boilers to perform these functions effectively. The following are some critical things to consider before installing a boiler.

Size and capacity

Size refers to how big the boiler is and whether it can fit in your home. On the other hand, capacity refers to a boiler's ability to serve your heating needs effectively. Depending on their size and capacity, there are three standard boilers to choose from. The first one is called combi or combination boiler, suitable for small heating needs and requires limited space because they don't need a water tank to operate. Second, there's the conventional boiler ideal for residential properties with many people and where there is frequent use of the bathroom. When installing this boiler, you should have enough space on your property since it requires cold-water and hot-water storage tanks to function effectively. Lastly, there is the system boiler, a modern version of the conventional boiler. It requires less space because they don't need cistern tank installation. This type of boiler is for properties with high heating demands and water supply is in high pressure.

Value for money

When installing a boiler system in your home, the price of the boiler should not be your only consideration. A cheaper boiler does not automatically mean you will save on costs, whereas an expensive one does not necessarily mean you get better quality. For example, replacing an older boiler with a new one can be very costly. However, a new boiler will last longer without needing repairs, saving you on operational costs. You need to calculate the amount of money you spend on energy bills and choose a boiler that will help you cut down on energy bills. Another point of consideration should be how long you intend to use the boiler and whether you intend to sell it in the future. High-quality and durable boilers can be expensive but attract a high resale value.

After-sale services

After carefully analyzing the size, capacity needs, and costs, the next thing is always choosing a manufacturing brand that offers better after-sale services. A good manufacturer should be able to provide services such as warranties, user training, favorable delivery and transportation services, and upgrades over time. Before choosing a boiler brand or manufacturer, you should check the services they offer and select one that is convenient to your needs. 

Get Help from a Professional 

Buying a boiler can be difficult, especially if you have little knowledge of boilers and heating systems. Contact a professional residential boiler installation service to help choose the correct type of boiler based on your heating needs and budget.