Air Conditioner Repairs You Can Make Yourself

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Three Signs Your Air Conditioner's Expansion Valve Is Going Bad

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Air conditioners malfunction for many reasons. While the compressor or the condenser it typically the source of the problem, sometimes the issue is a failing expansion valve. Here’s more information about what this part does in your A/C unit and how to tell whether it’s the reason your appliance isn’t working right. How Expansion Valves Work Although cold air immediately starts flowing from the air conditioner when you turn it on, the process to get to that point actually involves several complex steps. Read More»

How To Stay Frosty Without Freezing Up Your A/C

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Seeing your air conditioner buried in sheets of ice while your home slowly turns into a sauna seems like a cruel joke, but ice and frost buildup on your A/C system is no laughing matter. If you want to keep your A/C system frost-free while staying frosty indoors, here are a few crucial tips you should follow. Watch for Obstructions Whether it’s a clogged air filter that’s overdue for a change, a seriously dusty air handler fan, or a pile of leaves near your outdoor A/C cabinet, these and other obstructions can do more than just cut down your A/C system’s efficiency. Read More»

4 Reasons To Enroll In An Air Conditioning Service Plan

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Whether you have a relatively new air conditioning unit at your home or an older one, the fact remains that enrolling in an annual inspection and service plan with a trusted HVAC company can benefit you. Most HVAC companies offer these services on both home heating and cooling systems — and they generally cost just a small annual fee. If you aren’t already enrolled in a service plan for your home’s air conditioning system, there are a few reasons to consider doing so today! Read More»

3 Options For Preventing Your Outdoor Air Conditioning Unit From Being Stolen

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You might have paid a lot of money for your air conditioning unit. What you should realize is that someone could steal it and actually get some money for it as well. Whether they sell it to someone who is looking for a used unit for their homes or if they scrap it for the metal, this leaves you in an overly warm house with a big replacement bill. Luckily, you do have options for preventing this from happening. Read More»

Possible Reasons Why Your Furnace Is Short-Cycling

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If your furnace is kicking on and off constantly throughout the day, it could be a sign of a serious problem. This condition is known as short-cycling because the cycle between turning on and off is much shorter than it should be. Here are some possible causes when your furnace short-cycles. Restricted Airflow When your furnace doesn’t get enough air circulation, it can overheat when it turns on. Then, as a safety mechanism, it shuts itself off. Read More»