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4 Common Refrigerator Problems That Need Fixing

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Your refrigerator provides reliable storage for your food at home and can work optimally for many years with proper maintenance and care. However, constant use can create issues with your fridge over time, and you may require refrigerator repair to solve these malfunctions. Here are four possible refrigerator problems that need fixing:

Constant Cycling

If your fridge runs non-stop, there are likely underlying problems. For instance, the condenser coils could be clogged, or the appliance could have incorrect temperature settings causing it to cycle constantly. A refrigerator that cycles without a break can contribute to high energy bills if left unchecked. Moreover, such cycling is accompanied by loud noises that can disrupt your household. Nonetheless, a technician can accurately diagnose the root of the issue, clean the coils to eliminate clogs, and verify proper settings to restore functionality.

Freezer Not Cooling

A freezer that doesn't cool effectively can cause your food to go bad prematurely. Additionally, ice cream placed in this compartment can become gooey. In some cases, the problem is due to a damaged evaporator fan, and you may hear chirping noises from your appliance if the fan is indeed not working. Additionally, a faulty temperature sensor can affect freezer cooling because your fridge will likely have trouble maintaining the set temperatures when the sensor is failing.

Trouble Starting

Powering on a functional refrigerator should be easy and straightforward. Yet, if this appliance has issues, you may experience trouble starting it. Sometimes, your fridge might not ignite due to a faulty start capacitor, and you would need an expert to fix this component in order to start your fridge successfully. On the other hand, a failing thermostat can be the root cause of your fridge failing to turn on. This is because a malfunctioning thermostat is unable to send signals to the capacitor, and these signals are vital in powering on your fridge.

Ice Maker Not Working

A faulty ice maker can be a major inconvenience when you need to serve chilled drinks on hot days. The issue may be due to clogs within the supply line interfering with the ice maker's operation. Besides this, there may be problems with the sensor connected to the ice maker. For example, if the sensor trips, your fridge may fail to generate ice because the tripped sensor cannot recognize the ice bin. Fortunately, a fridge repair contractor can fix this component to restore optimal performance. The refrigeration service expert can also remove ice that could be stuck along the supply line, getting rid of obstructions.

The above are some problems that your fridge may manifest. If they do, a refrigeration service can inspect your appliance and perform repairs to fix the issues.