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3 Emergency Air Conditioning Repair Signs You Shouldn't Ignore

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A well-functioning AC system can be a lifesaver, especially during the warm months. During summer, you need to keep cool and safe from adverse outdoor temperatures; a functioning aircon system can do that perfectly. However, like other appliances, your unit may break down and require immediate repair. If you don't act fast, these problems could grow worse. Luckily, air conditioning systems usually communicate before breaking down. In this article, you'll learn three signs showing you need to call an emergency air conditioning repair contractor immediately.

Strange Noises

It's normal for an AC system to make some sounds when operating. As the air moves through the ductwork, it may emit some gentle sounds. This may also occur when you turn the device on or off. However, if you hear clinking or rattling noises, something could be wrong with your system. It could be having issues with the refrigerant line, ductwork, or fan. Such an AC can be a liability to you because it will be working extra hard to cool your home and provide the comfort you need. An emergency repair technician can inspect your unit to determine the source of the strange noise. If they find out the fan is broken, they'll replace it with a new one. They'll also eliminate clogs, fix your refrigerant line, and repair your ductwork to improve air circulation.

Warm Air from the Vents

Properly functioning ACs should emit cool air from the vents to keep your rooms cozy. If the vents produce hot air and warm the rooms instead of cooling them, your unit could be having a problem. Emergency contractors are experienced in assessing ACs and determining the source of the warm air, though the culprits could be a malfunctioned compressor or an electrical issue. They can also tell you how to keep your unit from such problems in the future.


If some of your AC's parts are damaged, water may puddle under it. One of the components that could be responsible for this problem is the evaporator coil. If it's malfunctioning, it won't eliminate moisture from your system but instead promote ice formation. An AC repair specialist can solve this problem and restore your unit to its former glory. They'll examine your evaporator coil using specialized tools to determine its exact hitch. They'll also appraise other components to determine if the moisture has affected them. If the destruction is great, they'll replace the parts with better ones. 

If you want to incur fewer repair costs, you should act immediately when you notice your AC showing signs of malfunctioning. Emergency repair specialists are available 24/7 to attend to clients' needs and can fix your system's troubles within no time. Contact an air conditioning repair service to learn more.