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4 Reasons To Enroll In An Air Conditioning Service Plan

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Whether you have a relatively new air conditioning unit at your home or an older one, the fact remains that enrolling in an annual inspection and service plan with a trusted HVAC company can benefit you. Most HVAC companies offer these services on both home heating and cooling systems — and they generally cost just a small annual fee. If you aren't already enrolled in a service plan for your home's air conditioning system, there are a few reasons to consider doing so today!

Avoid Large, Costly Repairs 

These service plans typically include an annual inspection of your home's entire air conditioning system. This includes not just the exterior components, but the interior ones (such as duct work and filtration) as well. A lot of times, these inspections can reveal the need for small and expensive repairs that you can have done on-the-spot; by being proactive about these repairs, you can avoid the need for larger and more costly ones down the road.

Potentially Reduce Energy Bills

The more efficient your home's air conditioning system is able to run, the more you'll save on your monthly electricity bills. Having an annual inspection done on your air conditioning system is a great way to make sure that everything is running as efficiently as possible. Your service technician may even catch small issues (such as a dirty air filter) that can be remedied inexpensively and result in an instant increase in efficiency.

Enjoy an Annual Tune-Up

In addition to inspections, most HVAC companies also include basic tune-ups as part of their annual AC service plans. This means the technician who comes out to your home will perform some basic tasks, such as cleaning off sensors, that will help your whole system run better and keep your home more comfortable all summer long.

Plan for the Future

When an air conditioning system is nearing the end of its usable life, an experienced HVAC technician will generally be able to give homeowners a bit of a "heads up" that they will likely need to replace their system in the near future. This can helpful when it comes to planning for the financial burden of replacing a central AC unit, as these typically cost thousands of dollars.

If you're not already enrolled in an air conditioning service plan, now is a great time to find a local HVAC company you can trust with this service at your home. Visit an HVAC company's website to read more.