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3 Options For Preventing Your Outdoor Air Conditioning Unit From Being Stolen

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You might have paid a lot of money for your air conditioning unit. What you should realize is that someone could steal it and actually get some money for it as well. Whether they sell it to someone who is looking for a used unit for their homes or if they scrap it for the metal, this leaves you in an overly warm house with a big replacement bill. Luckily, you do have options for preventing this from happening. These are a few things that you can try if you are concerned that someone could steal your unit.

1. Put it on the Roof

You might be used to air conditioning units being installed just outside of the home, generally somewhere in the backyard. Even though this might be the most common placement for household air conditioning units, it's not your only option. One option is to talk to your heating and air contractor about installing your air conditioning unit on the roof. This does present some challenges, such as the fact that it's not as easy to check or repair it when it's on the roof, but it can help make theft much more difficult.

2. Install a Cage or Fence

Another option you can try is installing a cage or fence around your air conditioning unit. Then, you can install a lock so that only you can open up the cage or fence. Consider looking for a decorative option; you could find that along with providing security, this can also help you prevent your unit from being an eyesore in your backyard. Just make sure that plenty of air is able to flow around your unit; otherwise, it could overheat.

3. Improve Security Measures Near Your Unit

Taking basic security measures, such as installing a motion-activated light that shines on or near your air conditioning unit and installing surveillance cameras in your backyard, can help you prevent theft. Plus, along with protecting your air conditioning unit, this can also help you provide protection for the rest of your home as well since these extra security measures can help you prevent someone from wanting to break into your home as well.

As you can probably see, you actually have a few different options that can help you prevent your air conditioning unit from being stolen. Even though this is a common concern, if you follow one of these tips, you can help keep your unit safe. For more information, contact your local AC maintenance service.