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Signs Your AC System Is Low On Coolant

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A central air conditioning system uses coolant to remove heat from the air before sending cool air into a home. Without enough coolant, this process can't work. Your air conditioner will demonstrate some signals and signs to alert you when it has a problem. So what signs will you see when your system needs coolant? Continue reading this article to learn the symptoms.

Frozen Parts

If you suspect problems with your AC system, you might look at it. When you look at it, do you see any frozen parts? You should look closely to see ice forming on the parts. The evaporator coil is the primary part that develops ice, but you can also see ice on the coolant line. This occurs when a system doesn't have enough coolant. As the system tries to extract heat, ice forms instead. The coils generally are cold but not frozen. However, frozen coils can occur for other reasons, so low coolant isn't always the cause.

Short Cycling

Secondly, does your system run for a minute and then shut off, only to restart a minute later? This process is called short cycling. Short cycling happens when a system turns on and off over an over and can be the result of numerous problems. It often happens from low coolant. The system turns on to cool the house but must shut off when it discovers it can't cool the house.

System Making Sounds

When you have low coolant, it's because the coolant leaked. As a result, your system has a leak somewhere, and this leak can lead to sounds. The main sound to listen for is a hissing sound. This hissing sound comes from the leak. Contact an air conditioner repair shop if you hear this sound or others.

House Won't Cool

Another sign of low coolant is a hot house. Your system relies on the refrigerant to cool your house. Without it, this can't happen. Therefore, you'll have a hot house. Your system might run all day long or short cycle, but it will never cool your house. You might feel warm air coming from the vents, but warm air doesn't cool a house.

Contact AC Repair

When you have an AC problem, you'll need a professional company. Look for AC repair shops in your town and hire one. They can determine if your system needs coolant. They can also find the leak and repair it, getting your system running once again.

Reach out to an air conditioning repair service near you to learn more.