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How Replacing Your Air Conditioner Can Save You Money On Energy

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HVAC contractors will often remind their clients that replacing an old air conditioner will save them money on energy. They are correct. But what they sometimes fail to explain is exactly how and why AC replacement is such an energy saver. As it turns out, air conditioner replacement can save you money in more ways than one.

Everything Works As It Should

As air conditioners get older, they often develop a bit of damage. They may have some worn parts that now have more friction between them. They may have a loose bolt or a loose spring that causes them to operate less efficiently than they used to. A new air conditioner, on the other hand, will be in perfect shape. All of the parts and pieces will move as they should, which means less energy will be wasted.

New Units Are Made To Save Energy

The way manufacturers make air conditioners has changed a bit over the years. They are made to use less energy, even though they still keep your house cool. Some of this is due to a change in the refrigerant used. Some of it is due to air conditioners now often featuring a two-stage blower motor. This motor usually runs on low speed, which uses less energy, and only kicks into its less-efficient, high-speed mode on the hottest days. Two-stage blowers use less energy overall.

New Units Are Compatible With New Thermostats

Older air conditioners are not all compatible with WiFi thermostats, but almost every new air conditioner is. Your HVAC contractor will most likely install a WiFi thermostat in conjunction with your new air conditioner. This will allow you to save energy in a few different ways. 

For one, you can wait to turn the temperature of your home down until you're about to head home. This way, you won't waste energy cooling a home you're not in. You can also monitor your energy use via the app associated with your WiFi thermostat. If you find you're using more energy than you'd like on electricity, you can adjust your use accordingly. 

If you want to save money on energy, replacing an aged air conditioner is a good way to do it. Just remember to tell your HVAC contractor to recommend an efficient unit, and when they ask whether you want a WiFi thermostat, say "yes." You'll be surprised what a difference these changes make.

To learn more about air conditioning installation and replacement, contact a local HVAC company.