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Furnace Repair: 5 Reasons You Need To Invite A Technician To Your Home

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What do you do when your home suddenly feels freezing? Your home's furnace is essential to keeping your family cozy in cold weather. Unfortunately, your furnace may not be able to sustain its high performance over time. As your furnace ages, it will need regular maintenance and repairs to keep it running smoothly and safely throughout the cold weather. Here are five reasons to invite a furnace repair service to your home before the first frost hits this year.

1. A Broken Thermostat Can Cause Heat Fatigue

A faulty furnace thermostat poses a hazard to your family. It does not cut off the heater and leads to uncomfortable heat levels. Unfortunately,  it can also lead to heat fatigue caused by prolonged exposure to high temperatures. 

Avoid these problems by calling a professional furnace repair service to test the system. They can tell if there are any issues with your thermostat right away so that they can be fixed before they become serious problems.

2. A Dirty Air Filter Can Burn Up Your Heating System

Did you know that your furnace can lose significant energy output due to a dirty air filter? Well, it's true. But it's an easy problem to avoid. Keep your heating system running efficiently by changing or cleaning your air filter occasionally. 

3. A Frayed Blower Belt Makes Uncomfortable Noises

If you notice that your furnace makes abnormal sounds, such as an ominous rattling or grinding, there is a good chance that the blower belt is frayed or worn out. When the belt starts wearing down, it makes loud grinding or screeching noises. Furnace repair technicians can easily assess whether or not you need a new belt for a more efficient operation. 

4. Carbon Monoxide Leaks Are Dangerous

Even low concentrations of CO can build up and put you at risk for CO poisoning. Don't take chances with your health—call a furnace repair technician immediately if the detector raises an alarm. 

5. A Faulty Motor Can Spike Your Power Bills

You could be throwing money down your drain if the furnace is not working right. A furnace with a faulty motor doesn't just cost you more money than normal; it adds wear and tear to your heating system over time. If you think your motor is defective, call a furnace technician who can fix or replace it.

A properly working furnace guarantees your family's comfort in harsh weather, so it should always be in top condition. Call furnace repair services to learn more.