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Air Conditioning System Getting Older? 3 Problems to Watch Out For

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If your air conditioning system is getting older you need to watch out for problems, it may have. Some problems become much worse over time, and you may have to replace the air conditioning unit. To prevent this from happening, keep reading for 3 issues you may have. 

Not Powering On

If the air conditioning unit turns off and you cannot get it to come back on the first thing to check is the thermostat. The batteries may be dead and need to be replaced. If this is not the problem, make sure the setting is correct on the thermostat and that it's not set to heating instead of cooling.

If the air conditioning system will still not turn on it could be a bad circuit breaker. Go to the circuit breaker panel and find the breaker that powers the air conditioning unit. Each breaker should be labeled. Once found make sure it has not tripped. If so, power the breaker back on and see if the unit turns on. If the circuit breaker was not tripped, turn the breaker off and back on again to see if this takes care of the problem. If the unit is still not turning on, contact an air conditioning repair company. 

Exterior Air Conditioning Unit Freezing

If you notice the air conditioning unit freezing outside this can be due to many things. First, there may not be enough airflow, or the temperatures outside may be below freezing. There may not be enough coolant inside the unit. The blower motor may be having problems that need to be repaired by a professional. The contactor may be stuck which also needs to be repaired or replaced by a professional. You need to get this problem repaired as this can cause the coils to freeze. If this happens the coils may need to be replaced. If you see this happening, turn the system off and contact a repair contractor.

Making Different Noises

It is common to hear noises when your air conditioner is running but if you are hearing sounds you have never heard before then something is wrong. There are different sounds you will hear depending on what the problem is.  Contact an air conditioning repair contractor and tell them the sound you are hearing, and they will know what the problem is. For example, a screeching sound means there is a problem with the blower or the fan motor. 

An air conditioning repair contractor can give you much more information and tell you of other problems to watch out for.