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How To Make Sure Your AC Doesn't Break Down This Summer

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When summer comes around, there might be AC repairs that have been neglected and cause you problems when you need cooling. You need to understand your AC and how to troubleshoot problems. There might also be issues that need to be repaired before you even start using it. The following AC repair and troubleshooting information will help you keep cool during the summer heat.

Test the Airflow

Before calling an HVAC professional, there are a few things that can be done to check airflow. First, make sure the vents are blowing out cold air. If there is warm air coming from the vents, then the problem is probably in the air conditioner and not in the ducts. When there is reduced airflow, then the blower or ductwork is probably causing the problems.

Check for Leaks

It is also important to check your AC for leaks, which can happen at the compressor but usually start at the evaporator coil. The air conditioner's evaporator coil is inside your house, and if refrigerant leaks out of it, some of the hot air that escapes your air conditioner will be cooled by the refrigerant. If the leak is big enough, your air conditioner will constantly run, sucking refrigerant out of the system.

It's impractical to inspect your air conditioner coil every year. But you should at least check it for leaks once a month. Look for condensation on the coil. If there's a lot of it, the coil is probably leaking. An AC repair technician can test the leaks and repair your system to ensure it is working efficiently during summer weather.

Check for Electrical Problems

You might also have electrical problems with your air conditioning. First, check the breaker or fuse panel. Look for "blown" or "tripped" fuses, especially if you've been experiencing frequent outages. Also, check the panel for loose wires or things that might have gotten hung up there.

Next, check the outdoor compressor unit for blown fuses. If the unit has a capacitor, check its terminals for corrosion. If the capacitor is blown, you should have it replaced. You also want to check the wiring of the AC unit and look for loose connections or damaged wires that need to be repaired.

When your air conditioning system is not functioning, don't wait too long before you have it repaired. If you need help with repairs, contact an air conditioning repair service to fix these issues before the summer season starts again.