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Air Conditioning Services: Never Ignore These Indicators Of Refrigerant Leaks

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Like most homeowners, you are likely to tolerate a little cold air during winter or heat during summer, but nobody likes to be cold or hot out of choice. That said, you are likely to experience discomfort should your AC start blowing the wrong temperature air or when your indoors becomes stuffier than usual. Other early signs of trouble with your heating and cooling system include hissing sounds from the unit, abrupt shutoff, a blown fuse, among others. Most of the time, when you experience issues with your AC, your refrigerant needs attention, and it is advisable to get an assessment from competent technicians to resolve the issue immediately. Here are other indicators of a refrigerant leak. 

The Coils are Frozen

Frozen coils are a common telltale sign of developing problems with your refrigerant. The coils only absorb heat well when there is enough refrigerant flowing through them. If the level of refrigerant goes down, it will lead to warm air blowing back inside the house. The coil, on the other hand, freezes and forms icicles on the surface. You are likely to notice a pool of water as the ice thaws on the floor next to the air conditioning unit. While frozen coils might seem like a minor issue, they can become a serious complication when ignored. A technician will assess your system and determine whether you have a leak that needs to be fixed. They can also re-fill your refrigerant to restore the required levels.

The Power Bills are Phenomenally High

High power bills are always an indicator that the AC has stopped performing as efficiently as it should. One of the reasons why the system loses efficiency is low levels of refrigerant. Low refrigerant means the coils cannot absorb the heat as they should, which, in turn, increases the heat and thaw cycles on your unit to maintain desired temperatures. A technician can locate the leak and help you determine whether sealing and refilling the system will lower your heating bills or not. 

Reduced Heating Power

One of the easiest ways to determine a properly functioning unit is its cooling capabilities. A new or efficient system should bring the temperature in your home to the perfect level within a short time. However, when the system loses refrigerant, it also loses cooling power. When this happens, your home will feel warmer and stuffier until you resolve the problem. 

Unusual Sounds 

Hissing is another indication that your system needs attention. The sounds result from cracks and holes in the system. If the leak is extensive, you will hear a gurgling sound, which indicates requiring immediate attention to avoid extensive damage and repairs. 

These are the top indicators of trouble with the refrigerant. Hire an air conditioning service near you to check the state of your system and help with the needed repairs.