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3 Signs That You May Need Boiler Repair Soon

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Boilers are very popular in modern homes because they rarely break down. However, this system wears out with time, which reduces its efficiency and may also cause it to break down. When this system breaks down, it decreases the comfort of your home and endangers your health. Therefore, it is important to be keen to notice when it needs patching-up. Here are the three main signs that your boiler shows when it needs repair.

It Makes Strange Noises

Ideally, when the boiler is in good condition, it makes soft noises that are barely noticeable. However, if it starts making loud, strange noises, it signifies that something is amiss. When it makes clunking, banging, and whirring noises, it is mostly an indicator that its fan or pump is worn out. If it makes gurgling and whistling noises, it could mean that your boiler is kettling or its water pressure is very low. Consequently, if your boiler makes any of these sounds, have an HVAC technician inspect it for damage right away.

It Leaks and Drips

Have you been ignoring the pool of water around your boiler?  If you have, you should stop it as it could be a sign that your boiler is leaking. A boiler has a closed-loop system; as such, no water should leak. 

These leaks can cause the boiler to stop functioning effectively, and they may also cause damage to your house. For instance, the water may spread to your home's walls, causing very unappealing water stains. As such, the moment you notice a leak, have an HVAC contractor inspect the boiler to identify and fix the cause of the leakage. They should also replace the lost water. 

It Does Not Heat Up Effectively 

The boiler allows you to heat your home, making it comfortable for you and your household. If you have had your boiler for a long time, you should know how long it takes to heat a room. When you notice that it takes longer than normal, it typically indicates that the boiler has a problem. Some of the main causes of this problem are a defective thermostat, loss of water in the boiler's tank, and failure of the circulation pump or valves. Since the causes of this problem vary, you should have the system repaired by professionals. 

If your boiler shows any of the three discussed signs, you need to have it repaired. It is always advisable to repair the system immediately once you observe signs of an impending breakdown in order to address the problem before it causes the system to stop functioning. Keep these tips in mind when looking for a boiler repair service near you.