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3 Reasons To Avoid Oversized Air Conditioners

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As you shop around for a new air conditioning system, you want one that can tackle the warmest days of the year without breaking a sweat. But while you want an A/C that packs a performance punch, it's easy to go overboard and buy one offering more cooling capacity than your home actually needs.

An oversized A/C system seems like the safer bet versus one that offers too little cooling for your home. However, an oversized installation can bring a few unexpected problems that affect your overall comfort and take a bite out of your budget. Read on to learn how choosing an oversized A/C system impacts your home.  

1. Poor Humidity Control

Too much of anything is never a good thing, even when it comes to the state of your home's indoor air quality. Warm summer days can also be equally humid, resulting in temperatures that feel unbearable due to high moisture levels in the air. The average A/C system combats this problem by removing excess moisture as part of the air conditioning process. However, this only works as long as the A/C unit's size is appropriately matched to your home's cooling needs.

A properly sized A/C system will run long enough not only to cool your home but also to remove enough moisture to make your home feel comfortable. An oversized unit, on the other hand, will run long enough to cool the air but not long enough to remove moisture. The end result is a home that feels cold but oddly clammy and damp.

2. Faster Wear and Tear

Oversized A/C systems also experience more wear and tear over their lifetimes due to the need for frequent cycling. Since an oversized A/C system cools faster than normally expected, it also cycles on and off more frequently. The added startups and shutdowns place more stress and wear on various components, including the compressor and blower motors. These issues often result in a shorter lifespan for your A/C equipment.

3. Higher Long-Term Costs

Buying a larger air conditioner than your home needs also means you'll pay more. Not only does an oversized A/C system carry a higher price tag than a properly-sized unit, but you'll also deal with higher maintenance and upkeep costs throughout the life of your A/C equipment.

Oversized A/C systems also use greater amounts of energy, especially during the startup phase. As a result, purchasing an oversized unit also means paying higher monthly cooling bills throughout the unit's lifespan.

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