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When To Call An Emergency Plumber

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Unlike regular plumbers who can only come to your home during normal business hours, emergency plumbers operate 24/7. This means they can respond to your plumbing emergencies no matter the hour of the day or night it is. But what sort of plumbing issues warrant a call to an emergency plumber?

Any plumbing issue that you can't take care of yourself using basic plumbing tools should be considered a plumbing emergency. Here are some common reasons to call an emergency plumber.

You Have No Running Water in Your Home

Not getting any running water in your home is a serious plumbing concern. It may mean you can't cook, clean, take a shower, do laundry, or use the toilet until the issue has been dealt with. Before you contact an emergency plumber, you should contact your municipality or local water supplier to find out if you're the only one without water. Alternatively, you can check with your neighbors to find out if they have water in their homes.

If you're the only one without running water, then you should check if someone accidentally shut off the water main connected to your house. If turning the water back on doesn't fix the problem, then it's best to bring in an emergency plumber. 

You Have a Blockage in Your Sewer Line

Is wastewater backing up throughout your home? It's quite normal to experience clogging issues with individual drains. Usually, this happens because you flushed the wrong stuff down the drains. 

For example, kitchen sink drains can become clogged with cooking grease and fats, while shower drains can get clogged with human hair and soap scum. Most clogs affecting individual drains can be cleared with the use of basic plumbing tools such as plungers. You only need to have a little plumbing know-how to fix these.

Clogging issues that affect the entire household, on the other hand, usually indicate the presence of blockages in the main sewer line. These clogs usually require a more thorough repair job to unclog, thus necessitating a call to an emergency plumber.

Your Home Is at Risk of Flooding

If you're afraid your home could flood due to a burst pipe, overflowing toilet, a malfunctioning sump pump, or other plumbing issues, you should bring in a plumber right away. Carrying out prompt plumbing repair can help prevent costly water damage to your home.

If you encounter any plumbing problems you can't tackle on your own, contact an emergency plumbing contractor immediately.