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Three Common Problems With Commercial Refrigerators

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If you're a business owner, you know that one of the most important things to run your business is making sure your appliances are running correctly. That especially applies to your business's refrigerator, which is most likely vital to ensuring that your inventory stays usable and your customers stay happy, no matter if you're a flower shop or a restaurant.

Fortunately, most of the problems that are associated with refrigerators are relatively common and can be fixed by a professional that has experience in commercial refrigerator repair. Below are some of the most common issues that you may see. If you see any of them happening with your business, contact a professional right away.

Strange Noises

Weird sounds that are coming from your refrigerator are not only annoying, but can be indicative of a much bigger issue. A broken motor that is rattling around inside of the back of your unit can make a ton of noise and will eventually fail if the problem is not addressed. A compressor that is on the verge of failing will also start to make a loud whining sound; once that goes, your temperature will skyrocket. In order to keep these events from happening, schedule a commercial refrigeration repair service to stop by as soon as possible.

Excessive Ice

It may seem weird to talk about an ice buildup as being a problem with refrigerators since that's what they're designed to do, but too much ice can be a problem. Not only can it affect the temperature, but once it leaks, it can create significant water damage. Usually one of the main causes of this is a broken seal somewhere on the unit, such as on the stripping of the door or an exit point on the back. Also, just simply opening up the door too often can cause excessive ice buildup, but this is a problem that requires a commercial refrigeration repair service. Other issues that may plague your system are faulty door gaskets or clogged drain lines, which can force ice up inside your unit and will build up over time.

Irregular Temperatures

A refrigerator that can't maintain a consistent temperature needs to be addressed by a company that specializes in commercial refrigeration repair, as the issue could be something as simple as a dirty condenser coil or a refrigerant leak. Regardless, both of these issues require professional maintenance, especially since it could be something else entirely that can be hard to diagnose. In the rare case that the entire refrigerator is shot, your professional also be able to recommend a replacement.

Reach out to a professional for commercial refrigerator repairs