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AC Services And HVAC Upgrades Before Winter And Heatwaves Next Summer

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Now, the weather is a little cooler, and it is a good time to start planning upgrades to your HVAC system. An AC service can help you with HVAC upgrades for the budget that you have set to improve the energy design for your home. The following AC improvements are some of the options that you will want to talk to AC services about for HVAC upgrades before winter and next summer's heatwaves:

  • Start with thermostat upgrades before winter—The thermostat is one of the most affordable HVAC upgrades that can be done. The thermostat can be a programmable or smart control unit that helps improve the efficiency of your HVAC. If the HVAC system in your home is a zoned design, you may want to talk to the AC service about options to install separate temperature controls in the different zones and a main thermostat control panel.
  • Options for AC heat pump replacements before winter—If you are going to be ready to replace your AC, it may be time to consider options like a heat pump. AC heat pumps can be great options to improve the efficiency of your HVAC and also provide heating during the winter months. You may want to have the AC replaced before the weather gets cooler so that you can use the AC heat pump for heating this winter.
  • Improving airflow with upgrades to HVAC ductwork—There are also options to update the ductwork. This can start with changes to the air handler that distributes that airflow. The ducts can also be replaced with shorter runs and better materials to reduce thermal transfer. These improvements to the ductwork and airflow will improve the overall efficiency of your HVAC. These improvements reduce energy loss due to outdated duct designs and materials. 
  • Geothermal HVAC and alternative energy for heating and cooling—There are also many options for renewable energy, such as a geothermal HVAC system. You also have several other options like solar power and alternative fuels for heating. Talk to your AC service about renewable energy solutions to help heat and cool your home. Renewable energy systems can improve efficiency or be used as an energy source to provide all the energy for air conditioning and heating.

These are HVAC upgrades that AC services can help you with while you are not using your home's heating and cooling system. Call an AC service for help with these upgrades before winter and the return of the heat next summer.