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Air Conditioning Options To Update Your Home With Efficient Cooling For Next Summer

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Before next summer, there are upgrades that you may want to have done to reduce energy costs for cooling your home. These can be simple upgrades like installing a new thermostat, or they can be replacing the AC with a more efficient cooling system to keep your home comfortable next summer. Some of the options that you may want to consider for your AC upgrades before next summer include the following.

Beyond programmable with smart thermostat upgrades

The thermostat is one of the AC upgrades that you can start planning now. Today, programmable thermostats are part of standard HVAC equipment installed in homes, but there are other options. Smart thermostats give you the benefit of added automated and AI technology that allows you to adjust the temperature settings automatically. Installing a smart thermostat will increase comfort, efficiency, and ease-of-use. Ask your air conditioning service about programmable and smart thermostats for your AC upgrades. 

Replace your old AC with more efficient heat pumps

There are also options for heat pumps to replace old and outdated AC systems. These are used for more than just a central AC unit, which some of the heat pump cooling designs include:

  • Heat pumps to replace compressor units
  • Using heat pumps for ductless AC
  • Compact ducts and AC heat pump systems

These are efficient AC heat pump solutions that you may want to consider for your home cooling before next summer.

Updating ductwork to reduce air leaks and energy loss

The ductwork of HVAC systems is one of the simplest areas to improve. When it comes to ducts, there are so many options to make improvements that include:

  • Repairing air leaks and damaged insulation
  • Updating air handlers and plenums
  • Redesigning duct lines for more efficient airflow
  • Updating the HVAC duct vents inside your home

The ductwork upgrades are great affordable ways to improve your home for next summer and pay less to stay cool during heatwaves.

Evaporative cooling and other alternatives to conventional AC

There are also solutions like evaporative cooling, which can be a great alternative to conventional AC designs. These systems are some of the energy alternatives you may want to consider to cool your home. Other alternatives include high-efficiency AC with solar panels, radiant cooling, or hybrid systems that use both evaporative cooling and conventional AC.

The AC upgrades you do now could be the solution to reduce your energy bills significantly by next summer. Contact an air conditioning service and discuss these options for your AC upgrades before next summer.