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Seven Things To Remember When Using Your Home's Air Conditioner This Summer

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The hottest period of the year is just about here. Proper air conditioner use and functioning are going to be important in the coming weeks to keep you and your household comfortable.

The following are seven things you need to remember as you use your home's air conditioner throughout the summer months. Remember to do the following and you can ensure optimal air conditioner performance. 

Keep your doors and windows closed

It's easy to forget to go through your home and close all the windows before turning your air conditioner on. However, it's essential to keep any doors and windows closed to maximize the effectiveness of your air conditioner.

If you leave a door or window open, conditioned air will escape your home and hot air will get in. This will make it so that your air conditioner has to work harder than necessary to bring down interior temperatures. 

Have an emergency HVAC technician available just in case

If you experience an air conditioner breakdown during the hottest periods of the year, you want to get it fixed right away. That's why it's good to already have an emergency air conditioner technician picked out so that you get the fastest possible service when you have a problem. 

Inspect your air conditioner unit periodically

When your air conditioner is working hard during periods of especially hot weather, you need to inspect it periodically to make sure that there are no problems developing.

Make sure that the exterior of your air conditioner stays clean. Also, don't allow clutter to build up around your AC unit that could restrict airflow. Another thing to do is make sure that ice isn't forming on your unit's compressor. This is a sign that there is a leak in your coolant line. 

Make sure your air filter is in good shape

Be aware of how frequently your air filter needs to be changed. If your air conditioner is running on an old and dirty air filter, it won't be as efficient as it should be. Also, a dirty AC air filter could lead to poor interior air quality in your home. 

Keep your interiors shaded whenever possible

Sun shining in your home's windows can drive up interior temperatures. You can make it easier for your air conditioner to cool your home by drawing blinds or shades over your windows to block out the sun. 

Complement air conditioner functioning with fan use

Another thing you can do to make your air conditioner's job easier and reduce wear on your air conditioner is use fans around your home. Fans complement air conditioner functioning and reduce over-dependence on AC use to stay comfortable. 

Pay attention to your vents

The vents in your home need to be clear and clean to optimize airflow throughout your AC and HVAC system. Therefore, you should inspect your vents and clean them out if they are clogged by dust or other debris. 

For more information, contact a local air conditioning service today.