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Think You Need A New Furnace? Ask Yourself These 4 Questions

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Do you think that your furnace is on its last legs, but not sure if that's really the case? If so, it helps to ask yourself the following questions to make a determination.

Does Your Home Have Uneven Heating?

When your furnace is working properly, it should be able to heat your room evenly between all rooms that have ductwork running to them. Over time, you may notice that some rooms are warmer than others during the winter. The hot air may be struggling to get to those rooms that are furthest away, or the temperature of the hot air has fallen and caused rooms to feel colder than others.

Are Your Energy Bills Higher Than Usual?

Take a look at how your energy bills compare between winters. While energy usage can vary from day to day, looking at your bills throughout the entire season should be comparable from one to the other. If your energy bills are trending upward, it could be due to a furnace that has become inefficient and is wasting energy to produce heat. Replacing your furnace will improve efficiency and lower your gas or electric bills as a result. 

Is The Furnace Old?

Every furnace should have manufacturing information on it that states when the furnace was produced. This will give you a good idea about how old your furnace is, especially if it was installed before you bought the home and you have no idea when the installation date was. 

Expect a gas furnace to last between 15 and 30 years. While this is a very big age range, you should have a good idea if your furnace needs replacement based on which end of the spectrum it falls on and how many other problems you are having. It can also help you gauge if repair or replacement will be best for your specific situation. If it's not between 15 and 30 years old, consider repair as the better option.

Is Your Repair Estimate Too Expensive?

Did you look into getting your furnace repaired, and the estimate to do so was shockingly high? It may be worth looking at how much it will cost to replace the broken furnace with a new one. If the cost to repair a furnace is in line with what it costs for a brand new appliance to be installed, you'll be better off with a new furnace that will be sure to last a long time. You can contact a heating service to help you have a new one installed if your repairs are too high.