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Tips For Choosing The Best Time To Install An AC

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There are two main reasons you need to time your AC (air conditioner) properly. First, installing the AC at the right time will ensure that you experience the minimum interruption possible. Secondly, timing the installation right may help save you some money. Below are some of the best times to install your AC.


There are two main reasons why it makes sense to replace the AC during renovations. First, a big renovation project is likely to cause major interruptions to your home life. Replacing an AC, especially a central AC, will also interrupt your home life. You can limit the overall impact of the irruption by handling the two projects concurrently.

Secondly, depending on the type of AC you want to install next, you may need to tear up some parts of the home during the replacement. For example, you may need to open up the walls and the ceiling to install ductworks. By doing the replacement during the renovations, you don't have to tear up your house more than once.

System Breakdown

If your AC system has completely broken down or is about to break down, then you cannot delay its replacement even a little bit. This may be the case if you have been putting off the replacement for a couple of years or so, and the system has finally breathed its last.

Ideally, however, you should replace your AC just before it breaks down. Signs of impending breakdown to watch out for include reduced cooling, increased runtimes, reduced energy efficiency, and constant repairs, amount others. If your AC is old and displacing such symptoms, then you should replace the AC so that it doesn't breakdown, and you don't go without cooling in the middle of the summer.


If you are free to install your AC at any time, then you should probably time it for the off-season. Most AC contractors get super-busy during the hot season when everyone seems to be on the market for ACs. AC breakdowns also spike in the summer and the same contractors who install new systems also service and repair existing units. Therefore, you may benefit from lower rates during the cooler months and even get to pick your contractor of choice during this period.

If you have been maintaining your AC as required, then you will probably be prepared for its demise when that time comes. Deal with a professional residential air conditioning service for the replacement, and you won't have any regrets.