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Hot Water Heater Maintenance Tips To Prevent A Breakdown

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Your water heater helps makes it so you can shower and wash dishes with nice, hot water. Without your water heater, even washing your hands can be a pain. The problem is that you often don't know there is an issue with your water heater until it's too late. Maintaining your water heater will help prevent issues with your water heater. Read on for maintenance tips to help you prevent a breakdown of your hot water heater.

Don't Over-Adjust The Temperature

Set the temperature on your hot water heater and leave it there. If you have to adjust it here and there to get it just right for you and your family, that's OK, but don't continuously adjust it. Constant adjustment could cause an issue with your water heater and even break it. Read through the manufacturer's instructions to see what temperature your hot water heater should be set to, and make necessary adjustments from there.

Remove Sediment Buildup

Sediment can build up on the bottom of the tank from the iron and calcium in your water. This sediment can block the heat from getting to your water, causing your water not to heat up as much as it should. This can cause your water heater to work too hard and lead to a premature breakdown of your water heater. Clean the sediment from your water heater by draining the water from your tank and sucking out the sediment with a shop vacuum. When draining the water out, be careful not to get burned as the water can be scalding hot.

Remove as much of the sediment as you can before you turn the water back on to your water heater. This is something you should do at least once per year (or more often if you have really hard water).

Keep The Tank Clean

Keep your tank clean and free of anything that could lead to problems with your water heater. Don't lean anything on the water heater, as it could not just be a fire hazard, it could also hinder your water heater's performance. Keep at least a foot all of the way around your water heater free of anything that could be a potential hazard.  Also don't attempt to put anything on the top of your water heater.

Maintain your water heater to prevent a premature breakdown of your appliance or the need for other repairs throughout its lifetime. Contact a professional plumber for help with your water heater if you have any issues.