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3 Ways To Take The Stress Off Your Warehouse's Commercial HVAC System

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With such a large space to keep at a comfortable temperature, a warehouse must have a high-capacity cooling system that can involve the use of multiple units. This investment in a cooling system can be pretty expensive. Therefore, keeping your AC systems operating well through proper maintenance is highly important. Beyond the typical service checks and maintenance examinations, there are also some things you can do to help take some of the stress off of the system, especially during really hot times of the year when the system is working its hardest. Take a look at a few ways you can make it easier on your commercial air conditioning system so problems can be avoided. 

Install commercial ceiling fans in your warehouse. 

Massive commercial ceiling fans have huge blades that extend several feet outward from the center motor. These fans work wonders in a large commercial space because they can push the air from the HVAC systems downward to the ground so it is not all accumulated up close to the roof where it doesn't do a whole lot of good. These fans can be installed at several points in the building to help encourage airflow and prevent the building from having hot and cold spots that will make your systems work harder than what they should. 

Invest in industrial box fans to situate on the floor and circulate air. 

Box fans can do wonders for keeping air circulated on the ground inside of your warehouse. Because the ducts from the air conditioning systems tend to be at higher points in the building, it can mean that the temperatures closer to the ground stay fairly warm. Box fans can drastically drop the temperature in the space and help move incoming air throughout the building. 

Utilize evaporative coolers in hard-to-reach or cool areas. 

Evaporative coolers combine the functionality of a box fan with a refined system that distributes a slight mist to provide cool comfort within confined areas. If there are certain parts of your warehouse that are harder to keep cool because they are so far away from the installed AC units, it may be a good thing to consider putting an evaporative cooling system to use. 

With a few implementations and regular servicing from a commercial air conditioner maintenance service, you can get the longest life from your systems. Reach out to a commercial air conditioning maintenance service provider for more tips about protecting the life of your systems.