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4 Tips To Help With The Maintenance Of Biomass Boilers With Radiant Heating

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If you are looking for an efficient and cheaper energy solution to heat your home, biomass is your answer. It is a fuel that is completely renewable because it is made from dry organic materials like timber and agricultural waste. If you use this fuel to heat your home, you probably have a radiant heating system and there are some things that you will want to know about maintenance. Here are some tips to help with the maintenance of your biomass boiler and radiant heating:

1. Flushing and Preparing Radiators for Winter Heating

It is important to flush the radiators and pipes of your heating system before cold weather arrives. Over the spring and summer months, water is just sitting in the radiators and pipes of your heating system. This sitting water can cause corrosion and debris to collect in the lines. A plumbing contractor can help you with flushing the radiators and pipes to ensure your heating system is ready for the winter months. If you have a system that is isolated from potable water, then you may want to talk with the plumber about adding an antifreeze solution that will help prevent some of the common problems with radiant heating systems.

2. Servicing Your Boiler Before You Begin Heating Your Home

Another thing that you will need to have done for your heating is servicing the boiler. Just like the radiators and pipes of your heating system, the boiler may have debris that has collected in it when the heating has not been used. You will also want to talk with the plumber about making sure that the heating is turned on and that water is being delivered to the radiators from the boiler. You may also want to talk with the plumbing service about cleaning the boiler to ensure it is working efficiently this winter.  

3. Keeping Up with Fuel Materials and Troubleshooting Boiler Problems

One of the common problems with biomass boilers is failure when the fuel materials run low. Make sure that your boiler is always getting the pellet or other biomass fuels to keep it working. Check the fuel storage area at least once a week when the weather is colder to avoid problems with your boiler stopping when you need it most.

4. Monthly Maintenance of Your Biomass Boiler and Radiators

Biomass boilers are extremely efficient, as well as dirty. They require regular maintenance to ensure that they are working correctly. Check the boiler and do the cleaning chores once a month to ensure your boiler is working correctly. You will want to check the fuel materials, clean the burning chamber and clear ash from the tubes and exhaust pipes.

These are some tips that will help with the maintenance needs of your biomass boiler and radiant heating system this winter. If you need help with maintenance or repairs, contact a plumbing repair service.