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3 Important Tips For Winterizing Your Air Conditioner

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Are you tired of the hot weather of summer and are glad that winter has come at last? Have you finally shut off your air conditioner, glad that you won't have to look at it again for several months? Although it may feel good to simply shut off the air conditioner in your home, this isn't the last thing that you should do this year. To make sure that it and your home are prepared for next year, there are some maintenance steps that you need to take. These include:

Get a professional inspection: Although your air conditioner worked the last time that you had it on, this doesn't mean that it is in perfect condition. In order to be sure that it is ready for next year, you need to call one of the AC services in your area to have it checked out. The technician who arrives will look for a wide variety of issues that could become serious problems next year. As an extra incentive for calling in a professional now, few people tend to call AC professionals during the cold winter months. As a result, you may be able to get an off-season discount from one of the AC services companies for having your inspection performed now instead of during the busy spring and summer months.

Have your vents cleaned: Clean vents will help your system perform better next year. They don't need to be cleaned out every year, but should definitely be inspected and cleaned at least every 3-5 years, depending on whether you smoke or have pets. Even the best air filters aren't going to be able to prevent every dust particle from entering the ventilation system. If not cleaned out, these dust particles can start to gather on the inside of your AC, resulting in more calls to your local AC services company. 

Cover your AC: Whether your air conditioner rests on the ground or is on your roof, covering it for the winter months is a good idea. Not only will it keep out snow or other winter precipitation, helping to prevent rust damage that would result in your AC services company needing to do more repairs, but a cover also helps keep cold air from entering your home and warm air from leaving it. Also, a cover that fits well will help prevent insects and other small animals taking up winter residence inside the air conditioner, potentially causing damage to the unit.