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Combining Passive Cooling With Efficient AC Designs For A Greener Home

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Today, the HVAC systems installed in homes are more efficient than ever. Your home can be improved with a combination of efficient AC design and passive cooling through ventilation and thermal convection. The design of your home should include things like natural ventilation and thermal barriers to reduce the need for conventional HVAC. Here are some of the things that combine good passive energy home designs with modern HVAC to reduce energy consumption and carbon footprints on the environment:

1. Solutions for Passive Heating and Cooling For Natural Comfort

Passive heating and cooling designs include all-season rooms, thermal ventilation and improvements to your home the heat and cool naturally. Installing an attic fan can help with cooling your home during the summer months, but a passive cooling design will include high windows or other features that allow for natural heat convection. In addition, to heat your home, include more windows in your home, as well as features like enclosures and greenhouses or garden windows that allow more sunlight in.

2. Using Thermal Barriers to Keep Your Home A Comfortable Temperature

Thermal barriers are the use of thicker material that help to prevent energy transfer. A good example of this is a roof that has a planted design with layers of soil.  Having parts of your home below the exterior soil elevations also helps to prevent thermal energy transfer, keeping the heat in or out depending on the time of the year. Consider a home design that keeps your main living space in an area with more thermal barriers, such as a partial basement that is part of your home's main living area.

3. Modern HVAC Solutions That Use Less Energy to Heat and Cool Your Home

Modern HVAC solutions will also help to complete a home design that is more energy efficient. Installing a geothermal HVAC system will give your home a heating and cooling solution that is more energy efficient. If you want a renewable energy solution, you should talk with the HVAC service about installing a solar water heater that is integrated into the heating of your HVAC system. The solar water heater can also be used to provide hot water for your home.

Combining passive energy home designs with efficient HVAC greatly reduces individual impact on the environment. If you are ready for a home that is more environmentally friendly without compromising comfort, contact an HVAC contractor to help with your passive energy design and new HVAC system.