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How To Properly Replace Your Filter For Cleaner Air In Your Home

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There is never a bad time to service your furnace. Many people don't even realize the furnace is actually part of the air conditioning system, not just the heating. The furnace is what produces airflow and pumps the air into the ducts. Obviously, if your furnace is broken or malfunctioning you could experience severely reduced, or even no airflow at all. One of the easiest things to service on your filter is the filter. Most people have either personally replace their air filter or have it done by professionals. However, by running a few extra checks and doing a little extra cleaning, you can dramatically increase the effectiveness of your new filter.

How Often Should You Change Your Filter?

There are really no set rules for how often you should replace your filter. Some experts suggest that you should do it every single year. However, this is probably only necessary if you are running your heating or air conditioning more than half of the year. You don't have to follow any rules, but you can frequently check your filter to see if it is dirty and replace it when necessary.

Finding the Filter

On many furnaces the filter isn't even located inside the main cabinet. Before you open up your furnace cabinet, look for the duct that leads into the furnace. Often, where the duct meets the side of the furnace, there is a slot that the filter slides into. In other cases, you will have to open the furnace access panel. The filter is usually very easy to see because it is quite large.

Changing Your Filter

If your furnace ridges are perfectly white, you probably don't need to replace them. However, you could also look full around the edge of your filter, by the tracks but that it slides into. This can often be clogged with dirt. This usually only happens in the filter is not properly installed and air is actually blowing past it. As a result, the air escaping past the filter will carry dust that gets caught in the track. The more harmful thing is that some of this dust will get completely passed the filter where it is sucked into the furnace pump.

If you do need to replace your filter, you should get out a hose vacuum and thoroughly clean the track. In fact, you should wipe down or vacuum off all of the sidewalls that you can reach leading into and out of the filter slot. Feel free to use disinfectant cleaner to help eliminate any allergies within your ducts. For more information, talk to a professional like C & D Cooling & Heating Co.