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Answering Two Common Furnace Questions

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Issues with your home's furnace can cause a winter night to quickly become extremely uncomfortable for everyone in your home. Unfortunately, it is a frequent issue for homeowners to lack a thorough understanding about these appliances. In order to make sure that you are as prepared as possible to help your home make it through the winter, you should be mindful of these answers to routinely asked furnace questions.

What Would Cause The Furnace To Trip The Circuit Breakers?

A furnace can have intense energy requirements. Interestingly, this is possible even for those that do not have electric furnaces as gas furnaces must still use large amounts of electricity to power the central blower, which distributes the heated air through the home. In some instances, you may notice that your circuit breakers are regularly flipping when the heating system activates. This problem can occur due to the voltage regulator on the furnace malfunctioning, and this can cause the unit to periodically draw far more power than the electrical system can accommodate. Unfortunately, this problem can also be an indication of a serious issue with your home's wiring. Due to the potential consequences of this problem, you will want to make sure to have your heater and electrical system thoroughly inspected as soon as you notice these issues.

What Is Involved With A Yearly Servicing Of The Furnace?

One of the more basic steps that you can take for protecting your furnace against malfunctions and extending its lifespan is to have it professionally serviced every year. During these service visits, a technician will thoroughly inspect the various moving parts of the heater to ensure that they are free of wear and tear.

In addition to checking the moving parts, these professionals will also ensure that the flue is clear. This is a critical safety step for homes with gas or oil burning furnaces. The combustion of these substances can produce dangerous gases, and if the flue is clogged, these gases can accumulate in the home and may pose a health risk. If the flue is clogged, these professionals can use a specially designed vacuum tool to remove any soot or ash that has accumulated along the interior of the flue.  

A functional heating system is critical for keeping your home comfortable when the temperatures are extremely cold outside. However, if you only recently became a homeowner, you may not possess the information needed to properly care for these systems. By understanding the reason the heater may be causing your circuit breakers to flip as well as the important steps that are done during servicings, you will be a better-prepared homeowner for the harsh winters.

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