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Oil Furnace Problems: What You Should Know

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Has the oil furnace to your heating system stopped working to provide an efficient amount of heat? It is possible that you need to get more oil placed in the tank, but there are also various other things that can be causing the problem. Discover below what can lead to an oil furnace not functioning as it should and what getting the tank refilled is estimated to cost.

How Does an Oil Furnace Stop Working Right?

A malfunctioning oil furnace may stem from something being wrong with the oil safety valve. The safety valve may be jammed or damaged and not able to release a good amount of oil into the burner. Rust and dirt can prevent the oil safety valve from working as it should. If little to no oil is released from the valve into the burner, the pilot of your furnace will not get a flame that is sufficient enough for the heater to warm up your house. If the valve is not damaged, it is possible that the pilot orifice is clogged with debris that is keeping the flame from coming through the hole.

Another thing that can cause inefficient heat is failing to get oil placed in the tank. If you have never dealt with an oil furnace before, you must understand that the tank must be refilled on occasion in order for your heater to work. Without oil in the tank, the safety valve can't release any into the burner to spark a flame. The pilot flame is the most important aspect of the furnace in terms of warming the air, and it is done through complete combustion.

Make sure that you check the top area of your furnace with a gauge to determine if the oil level is low. You don't want to run your heater when the oil level is low because it can lead to incomplete combustion from the pilot flame, which can send toxic carbon monoxide into the air. 

What is the Price Charged for Refilling the Oil Tank?

There is no exact price for getting the oil tank to your furnace refilled because the price of oil fluctuates. You will be charged by the gallon, so the overall refill price depends on how much oil the tank can hold. Expect to pay an estimated price of over $900 to get a 275 gallon tank refilled. Speak to an professional from a company like Bay State Fuel Oil Inc to find out if your furnace tank is in need of an oil refill!