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Three Reasons TLC For Your Heating System Is Important

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Getting prepared for winter should involve taking the time to get your household in order. Some people put more emphasis on their wardrobes and ensuring that they have warm clothing, but they fail to realize the importance of having their homes' HVAC systems maintained as part of their winter preparation plans. The following points will aid in ensuring that you understand why servicing your HVAC system before the brink of winter is about more than staying warm.

Carbon Monoxide

You have likely heard of this dangerous gas, but you may mistakenly think that you and your family are not at risk for carbon monoxide poisoning. This gas is dangerous because it is odorless and colorless. One way to reduce the chances of getting poisoned by this gas is by ensuring that you have detectors in your home. Gas appliances such as furnaces that need repairs are common culprits for this type of gas leak. A service call for maintenance and inspection will aid in finding potential problems with your furnace that could result in gas leaks. 

Energy Savings

Systems that are not serviced may have to work harder as a result of malfunctioned components. For example, a broken thermostat could result in your heat not turning off. Continuously running your furnace without the auto-shutoff feature working will likely mean that your heating costs run higher. During the inspection of your system, a contractor could also determine that your heating system is outdated, which could also mean that you will end up paying more for your heating costs.  

Better Air Quality

If you have allergies or certain respiratory conditions, your heating system could make you sick if you turn it on prior to getting the system serviced. Dust, dirty duct work, or odors from the system are examples of issues that can cause allergy flare-ups. When contractors service your system for the approaching winter, they will be able to identify problems with your existing duct work and determine whether your ducts require cleaning or replacement. Do not make the mistake of only changing your filters. It will likely not be enough to filter out the allergens. 

Sometimes a burnt smell is present in the air when people use their heating systems for the first time in months. The burning smell could be more than an aggravation to allergies and a minor inconvenience. Damaged furnaces, clogged filters, dust or closed vents can all be the reason for a burnt smell, but a burning smell that does not dissipate after 30 minutes of your system running could be a sign of a more serious issue. An inspection in the fall should uncover the exact nature of burnt odors, which can ensure your comfort and safety in the winter. 

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