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3 Common Problems With Walk-In Coolers

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If you own a restaurant business, you know how important it is to have a working walk-in cooler at all times. The last thing you want is for your cooler to go out on you and all of the food you have inside to spoil. You could wind up with thousands of dollars of food down the drain for a simple problem that could have been prevented. Neglecting your unit can cause you to spend more on your energy bill, not to mention on repairs. Some of the common problems are outlined below to help you gain an understanding of what might be going on with your cooler.

The seams are leaking water.

Not only will water leaking from the seams cause the floor to be wet, but it can also be a breeding ground for mold, especially when the floors are dirty. Oftentimes, water dripping from the seams is due to warm air being pulled into your cooler and causing condensation to form. All of the gaps along the seams might be due to old age or improper installation. You can easily correct the problem by caulking along the seams using a silicone that is designed to resist mold.

Problems with the cooler door.

The door tends to be overlooked by many with walk-in coolers. Common issues with the door involve problems with the door closure, gasket and heater strip. If the gaskets are worn, you need to have them replaced. To check and see what the condition of the gaskets are, go inside of your cooler and shut the door. Make sure the lights are off. Do you see light coming in? If so, you might need to replace them. Air leaking around the gaskets will cause water to pool on your floors and the humidity levels to rise. Not only is this unsafe for anyone coming in or out of the cooler, but it is also going to cost you more money on your energy bill.

Heater strip is going bad.

The heater strip is responsible for keeping your gaskets securely in place to form a nice, tight seal. It is nestled inside of the door opening behind a metal strip. When you touch it, the strip should feel warm. When these strips are bad, it causes the doors to stick and ice to build up around your doorframe.

When your cooler starts showing signs that something isn't right, you need to turn to a professional who can help restore your cooler to working order.