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The Air Conditioner And Heater: Complete Opposites Yet Still The Same

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The heater and the air conditioner may do totally different things, but they have quite a bit in common. In many cases today, the heater and air conditioner use the same indoor equipment. Because of that, problems with your air conditioner in the summertime may end up causing heater issues come wintertime. Below, you can learn more about how the heater and the air conditioner are similar even though they're used in separate situations.

The Shared Components

The heater and the air conditioner share a forced air distribution system that includes several parts. These include:

  • Motor: A single motor that powers the entire system. It is used both for air conditioning and heating the home.

  • The Duct System: The duct system is routed throughout your entire home. Most rooms will have at least one duct to deliver the hot or cold air.

  • The Blower: The blower is the mechanism that forces the air out into the ducts.

Each of these components could fail, so an HVAC professional will test each component separately. Since your heater and air conditioner do share so much equipment, your HVAC professional can identify problems early. For example, if your blower quits functioning properly, thereby causing your heater to have decreased function, this will alert your HVAC professional that there are likely to be problems with the air conditioner in the future.

When You Need Repair

There are a couple of situations that call for immediate help from a HVAC professional. These include:

  • Decreased function: If your air conditioner and heater system is working, but it doesn't seem to be working quite like it used to, you need to have it checked as soon as possible. You may notice that you have to turn the air thermostat lower or higher than you used to, just to get it to a comfortable level in the home.
  • Cease in function: If your air conditioner or heater stops working completely, it qualifies as an HVAC emergency. Even if it's near the end of the summer and you think you can get by without the air conditioner, remember that soon you will need the heater. If the air conditioner isn't working, there is a good chance the heater won't function right when winter rolls around, since they share so much equipment.

Whether the problem is with your air conditioner or heater, you need to take it seriously. The sooner you attend to a problem, the more likely that you will be able to resolve it easily. For more information, contact American Independent Heating & Air Conditioning or a similar company.