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Child Having Trouble Studying? An A/C System May Be The Answer

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You may think an air conditioning system will only keep you from getting too cold or too hot. But an air conditioner can do much more, such as enhance your child's learning abilities. The following guide will help you manipulate an A/C for your child's advantage.

The Right Temperature Can Improve Concentration

Your child needs to be comfortable when studying. A study showed that it is hard to concentrate when the temperature is too hot or too cold. The reason is simply because your brain is focused on other things when the temperature is uncomfortable. Hot temperatures make you irritable because your brain signals your blood pressure to rise so that your body can cool down. This elevated pressure may stress your child out in the long run. And stress does not mix well with concentration.

On the other hand, cold temperatures may make you sleepy and lower your mood. This is because melatonin is produced when it's cold, and it frustrates your child's brain--since he or she is not going to sleep. You'll learn more about melatonin in the next section.

Just make sure you set the temperature to 72 degrees when its time for your child to do homework or study.

An A/C Can Induce Memory-Enhancing Sleep

What good does learning and studying do for your child if he or she fails to memorize the information. That is exactly what happens if your child does not get proper sleep. Your child's brain shuts down certain areas and activates several neurons. These neurons are responsible for turning all the things your child learned into long-lasting memories.

But for this to happen your child must sleep long and deeply. Research noted that proper sleep requires a specific combination of darkness and coolness. And that is how your air conditioner can help. You need to make sure your child's room is dark and that the temperature is set anywhere between 60 to 67 degrees. Low temperatures like this increase the production of melatonin. Melatonin is necessary to make your child sleepy and promote the kind of deep sleep needed for the production of long-term memory.

You should also know that natural light helps your child wake up in the morning. Be sure to set your temperature to room temperature or slightly higher at least an hour before your child needs to get up. This should help him or her wake up.

As you can see, having an air conditioning system can help enhance your child's learning abilities and information retention. To find out more about air conditioning systems, contact a company like Century Heating & Air Conditioning Services.