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4 Ways To Improve The Intelligence Of Your Central Air System

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Are you thinking about upgrading or replacing your current central air system? There are many modern advancements that can help make your central air system 'smarter" so that it can save you money and adjust to your comfort levels. A new air conditioning installation may come with many of these new features, and you can ask your air conditioning company about specific features that you desire.

1. Install a Smart Thermostat

A smart thermostat will gather information about your central air system's use and then attempt to find the most efficient ways to adjust your heating. For instance, it may determine that you usually come home at a certain time and then consequently figure out the best, most efficient time to start cooling or heating your home. It can also determine whether it is worth the energy use to turn off during briefer periods of absence or whether it's actually best to maintain the current temperature.

2. Put Your Air System on a Timer

If you can't make your entire system "intelligent," you can usually set it on a timer. Not only can you set your thermostat to go off when you're at work, but also you can set it to go off when you sleep. Since you're already using blankets, you can usually drop the temperature by anywhere from five to ten degrees without a significant loss of comfort -- this can save you a lot of money. 

3. Add Location Tracking

Through your phone's GPS (and the phones of your other family members), you can actually add location tracking capabilities. Do you want your thermostat to turn on as you approach your home? Or would you rather it turn off when it detects that you have left? All you need is a WiFi connection at your home, a GPS-tracking smartphone device and the installed software. 

4. Remote Central Air Controls

Have you ever forgotten to turn things off before you left your house? This happens to almost everyone. If you don't want to use location tracking, you can always add remote controls instead. A remote control will allow you to use your smartphone device to control your central air system from afar. 

Improving the intelligence of a central air system will often save you money over time, as the system will be able to better accommodate your needs in a more energy-efficient way. Smarter systems are also more ecologically friendly and can bolster home values.

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